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Organizaciones colaboradoras


SCI - Swedish Chambers International

Our Chamber is member of Swedish Chambers International - Swedish chambers of Commerce all over the world. Swedish companies and Swedish brands are equally well known and respected as the country of Sweden. Wherever in the world you are - you are constantly reminded of Swedish companies and Swedish innovations. The SKF logo is clearly visible on a facade of Chongqing in China, Volvo buses rolls in Sao Paolo, Brazil, H&M opens a store in New York City, Ericsson has built telecom networks in Nairobi and IKEA stores are to be found in every major city - Swedish business is in the middle of a global change and development. Trade and exchanges with other countries - near and far - has been and is an important part of Sweden's success story.

Swedish Chambers International (SCI) and we represent a significant part of the Swedish business community, outside of Sweden. The SCI consist of Swedish Chambers of Commerce in 38 key locations where companies with Swedish connections do business. Our Swedish partner is the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

A foreign chamber of commerce is a non-profit organization serving its corporate members. Large and small Swedish companies come together to work on issues that concern everyone. We strive to be a meeting platform for business contacts and social interaction. Our aim is to highlight and define growth potential for businesses around the world.We work with public bodies and other organizations - with the joint goal to expand the bilateral trade and economic exchange, essential for prosperity and development.

Team Sweden

Team sweden es una organización paraguas que agrupa a las autoridades nacionales, organizaciones y empresas estatales que trabajan para promocionar las exportaciones y la internacionalización de la industria sueca. Forma parte de la estrategia de exportación del gobierno sueco y tiene como objetivo coordinar las medidas de apoyo a las exportaciones de las empresas suecas. En España, Team Sweden está formado por la Embajada de Suecia, la Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Sueca de Madrid, la Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Sueca de Barcelona, la Oficina Comercial de Suecia, VisitSweden y el Instituto Sueco.