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Swegon: Celebra su décimo aniversario en España

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  • Fecha: Jueves, 28 Noviembre 2019

The event took place on October 30th, at the Swedish Embassy in Madrid, and counted on the presence of more than 130 professionals of the HVAC sector.

On the occasion of Swegon's 10th anniversary in Spain, a celebration event was held on October 30th at the Swedish Embassy in Madrid, which was attended by about 130 guests, all of them prominent representatives of the HVAC sector. The formal act was opened by Teppo Tauriainen, Swedish Ambassador in Spain, who welcomed the attendees.
The event was attended by Hannu Saastamoinen and Xavier Marlier to whom Swegon Spain team wants to convey their gratitude to both of them for being present on such an important day.
Once all the interventions were finished, the guests were able to attend a cocktail in the elegant halls of the Embassy where, accompanied by the entire Swegon Spain team. 

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